Specialists Department Profiles

Jade Timmons



Birthday September 7th
Favorite Color Teal
Classroom Color/Theme Rainbow/Art
Favorite Teacher Supplies Wet wipes (for all of the messes in art)
Favorite Sweet Snack Literally anything with sugar I will eat!
Favorite Crunchy Snack Baked Lays
Favorite Drinks/Coffee Plain iced coffee
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant Burger Fi
Favorite Sit Down Restaurant Curry Leaves
Favorite Store Blick Art Store
Hobbies Watching track with my family, making art, DIY, riding my bike
Candles Anything holiday
Books Memoirs
Movies Yay

Nick Tsourakis

Media Specialist

Email: [email protected]

Birthday November 4
Favorite Sweet Snack Chocolate
Favorite Drinks/Coffee Starbucks coffee
Favorite Sit Down Restaurant Carrabba's
Favorite Store Target
Hobbies Reading kids books
Books Barnes & Noble
Movies Yay

Steve Florio


Email: [email protected]

Birthday March 2
Favorite Color Orange
Classroom Color/Theme Star Wars
Favorite Teacher Supplies Lysol wipes
Favorite Sweet Snack Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Favorite Crunchy Snack Pretzels
Favorite Drinks/Coffee Coffee, Ginger Ale
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant Dunkin, Starbucks, Fresh Kitchen
Favorite Sit Down Restaurant Ellas
Favorite Store Target, Amazon
Hobbies Singing, music, travel, beach
Candles I have plenty
Movies Yay

Michelle Murrell

Physical Education

Email: [email protected]

Birthday December 16
Favorite Color Navy Blue
Favorite Teacher Supplies Tissues, trash bags (small), Band-Aids
Favorite Sweet Snack Trail mix with M&M's
Favorite Crunchy Snack BBQ Fritos Twists
Favorite Drinks/Coffee Smoothies, does not drink coffee
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant PDQ
Favorite Sit Down Restaurant Cheesecake Factory
Favorite Store Lowes/Home Depot
Hobbies Swimming,  garden/plant propogating
Candles Apple cinnamon, Hawaiian
Books Self-help/Improvement
Movies No

Melissa Carl


Email: [email protected]

Birthday August 24
Favorite Color Red
Classroom Color/Theme Dots
Favorite Teacher Supplies Felt tip pens, notebook paper, markers, pencils
Favorite Sweet Snack Keto friendly food
Favorite Crunchy Snack Carrots
Favorite Drinks/Coffee Coke Zero, all types of coffee with splenda
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant Chick-fil-A
Favorite Sit Down Restaurant Belmar Saloon
Favorite Store Amazon, Target
Hobbies Pickleball
Candles Any
Books Memoirs
Movies Yay

Katie Webber


Email: [email protected]

Birthday October 3
Favorite Color Baby blue
Classroom Color/Theme Black/Bright colors
Favorite Teacher Supplies Astrobrights paper, Papermate Ink Joy pens, stickers, treats for students, post-its
Favorite Sweet Snack Peanut M&Ms, milk chocolate
Favorite Crunchy Snack Skinny pop popcorn, monster trail mix, Chex Mix
Favorite Drinks/Coffee Diet Dr. Pepper, hot chocolate, tea, no coffee
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant Chick-fil-A, Uber Eats
Favorite Sit Down Restaurant Cheesecake Factory, Fresh Kitchen
Favorite Store Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble
Hobbies Reading, cricut/crafting, logic/sodoku puzzles
Candles Fruity scents, fall/Christmas scents
Books Mysteries
Movies Yay

Lynn Bennett


Email: [email protected]

Birthday October 15
Favorite Color Blue
Favorite Teacher Supplies Sharpies, felt tip pens, smelly stickers, post-it-notes (all sizes!)
Favorite Sweet Snack Chocolate chip cookies
Favorite Crunchy Snack Stacy's Pita Chips, nuts
Favorite Drinks/Coffee Coke Zero, coffee with cream
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant Chick-fil-A, Fresh Kitchen
Favorite Sit Down Restaurant Soho Sushi
Favorite Store TJ Maxx
Hobbies Reading, yoga, college football - go Gators!
Candles Capri Volcano
Books Yes!
Movies No

Jessica Sandoval


Email: [email protected]

Birthday March 4
Favorite Color Yellow & blue
Classroom Color/Theme Cactus and bees
Favorite Teacher Supplies Papermate Ink Joy gel pens, Kleenex, cactus and bee themes, Clorox Wipes, colored pencils, Papermate Felt Pens (blue)
Favorite Sweet Snack dark chocolate (snack sizes)
Favorite Crunchy Snack almonds, pistachios, Trader Joe's snacks
Favorite Drinks/Coffee LaCroix, black coffee or soy latte, unsweet tea
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant Jimmy Johns, Chick-fil-A, Panera
Favorite Sit Down Restaurant Happy for anything!
Favorite Store Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Amazon
Hobbies Walking, travel, movies
Candles No thanks
Books Amazon kindle
Movies Yay

Doris Garcia


Birthday April 17
Favorite Color Orange and Blue
Classroom Color/Theme Cultural
Favorite Teacher Supplies Stickers, posters, cultural diversity, different cultures, etc...
Favorite Sweet Snack Hershey's chocolate
Favorite Crunchy Snack Nature Valley sweet and salty nut peanut
Favorite Drinks/Coffee Sweet tea, Bustelo coffee
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant Chick-fil-A
Favorite Sit Down Restaurant Red Lobster, Outback
Favorite Store Bell's
Hobbies Read, movies
Candles Fresh linen
Books Joel Osteen books/Spanish
Movies Yes

Chelsea Konrad

Music (Wednesdays)

Birthday January 29
Favorite Color Blue/Rose Gold
Classroom Color/Theme
Favorite Teacher Supplies Flair pens, super sticky notes, Better than Paper bulletin board paper
Favorite Sweet Snack Reese's cups or pieces
Favorite Crunchy Snack Herr's kettle cooked salt and vinegar chips
Favorite Drinks/Coffee Dr. Pepper or Ginger Ale, Upside down iced caramel macchiato with extra caramel drizzle
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant Burger King, PDQ
Favorite Sit Down Restaurant Token Ramen
Favorite Store Lilly Pulitzer, Style Encore
Hobbies Learning how to use my Cricut, Disney
Books Harry Potter, Hunger Games
Movies Yay

Kenneth Barrows

Physical Education (Mondays)

Favorite Color
Classroom Color/Theme
Favorite Teacher Supplies
Favorite Sweet Snack
Favorite Crunchy Snack
Favorite Drinks/Coffee
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant
Favorite Sit Down Restaurant
Favorite Store