Administration Profiles

Mike Campbell


Email: [email protected]

Birthday March 12
Favorite Color Purple
Favorite Sweet Snack Snickers, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
Favorite Crunchy Snack Doritos
Favorite Drinks/Coffee Mountain Dew (no coffee)
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant Chick-fil-A
Favorite Sit Down Restaurant Outback/Carrabba's
Favorite Store Dick's Sporting Goods
Hobbies Basketball and golf
Candles NA
Books NA
Movies Yay

Ann-Marie Gonzalez

Assistant Principal

Email: [email protected]

Birthday September 4
Favorite Color Light pink
Favorite Teacher Supplies Colored paper clips, sticky notes
Favorite Sweet Snack Take 5
Favorite Crunchy Snack Nuts
Favorite Drinks/Coffee Coffee, Diet Coke, Sparkling Water
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant Chick-fil-A
Favorite Sit Down Restaurant Miguels
Favorite Store Target, Marshalls, Bath & Body Works
Hobbies Kids, walking & jogging - 5Ks
Books Health magazines

Margarita Baxter

ESE Specialist

Email: [email protected]

Birthday December 4
Favorite Color Purple
Favorite Teacher Supplies Cute notepads
Favorite Sweet Snacks Chocolate
Favorite Crunchy Snacks Nuts, popcorn, pretzels
Favorite Drinks/Coffee Coffee, diet coke
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant Chick-fil-A
Favorite Sit Down Restaurant Outback
Favorite Store Target
Hobbies Cooking, reading
Candles Yankee candle 
Books Mystery
Movies Yes

Sandra Richmond

Principal's Secretary

Email: [email protected]

Birthday February 21
Favorite Color Brown
Classroom Color/Theme Woodsy
Favorite Teacher Supplies Dr. Grip Gel Pens
Favorite Sweet Snack Dark Chocolate
Favorite Crunchy Snack Pretzels
Favorite Drinks/Coffee Ginger Ale, cuban coffee
Favorite Store Walmart, Publix, Whole Foods
Hobbies Bike Riding and Camping
Candles Lavender
Movies Yes

Alyssa Gonzalez


Email: [email protected]

Birthday October 1
Favorite Color Pink
Favorite Teacher Supplies Sticky Post-it notes, pens, highlighters
Favorite Sweet Snack Cinnamon pita chips
Favorite Crunchy Snack Popcorn
Favorite Drinks/Coffee Sprite, lattes
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant Cali, Bolay, Chipotle
Favorite Sit Down Restaurant Outback, Rocco's Tacos
Favorite Store Target, TJ Maxx, Homegoods
Hobbies Exercising, my son Leo
Candles Capri Blue (volcano)
Movies Yes

Dora Garcia

Data Processor

Email: [email protected]

Birthday August 6
Favorite Color Grey
Favorite Sweet Snack Reese's, Twix
Favorite Crunchy Snack Sour Cream and Onion Chips
Favorite Drinks/Coffee Water and lemonade
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant Chick-fil-A
Favorite Sit Down Restaurant Ivarones, J Alexander's
Favorite Store TJ Maxx, Home Goods
Hobbies Beach
Candles Yes - coconut
Movies Yes