Car Line Policy

These are some IMPORTANT reminders regarding our car line arrival and dismissal process. If everyone follows these guidelines, the line will move quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely!
  1. Below is a map showing the direction the car line runs. Please be kind Grady neighbors and only enter the car line at the back of the line on Morrison Ave. Do not turn right onto Morrison Ave from one of the side streets or turn left at the 3 way stop to enter the car rider line. 
  2. Please refrain from talking on your phone while in the car line
  3. Remain in your car and display your child's name in large print on the front passenger window so your child can be called to the car. Name identification cards were distributed with the first day packets.
  4. Drive your car all the way up to the pick-up point sign so there is one car per space
  5. Continue to move slowly and with caution
  6. Never park or leave your car unattended in the car loop
  7. Instruct your child to exit and enter the car on the side that meets the curb. Do not go into traffic to enter the car. 
There is a Park & Walk option for dismissal located on the Northwest side of school (S. Grady Ave by the baseball fields and tennis courts). Parents using the Park & Walk option should not park in open areas east of the crosswalk. Students will be escorted by a school staff member to the Pavilion for dismissal.  Students needing assistance with his/her car seat must use this option. 
***Please note that Park & Walk will be closed on rainy days and all Park & Walk students will need to be picked up in the car line.***