PTA Updates

One of PTA's main goals is to advocate for our children. Here's a quick update on a couple of important subjects that our parents have expressed interest in.

Several weeks ago, we sent a link to a Florida PTA survey concerning Senate Bill 7030 (School Safety and Security) and many parents requested that we provide an update when the bill goes to vote. SB 7030 is set for final debate this Wednesday (4/17) and vote in the Senate on Thursday (4/18). Now is the time to call or email your Florida Senators to share your thoughts on the bill.  This bill contains a provision that would amend last year's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act; it permits full-time classroom teachers to participate in the Guardian Program. In short, once having completed training and having received authorization, full-time classroom teachers could carry arms on school grounds. To view Florida PTA's statement regarding SB 7030 and email your state Senator, please click on Florida PTA Action Center. You can also click on Florida State Senators for a full list of state Senators or click on Janet Cruz to email our local state Senator. 

ABC Action News reported on the lack of crossing guards in 45 Hillsborough County Elementary schools, including Grady. Click here to view the news report. The school is doing everything they can to help protect our kids, from constantly requesting traffic studies to qualify for a crossing guard to having Coach Murrell assist in the crosswalk during student drop off and pick up. Thanks Coach Murrell!! Safety is a huge priority for us and we will continue to advocate for a crossing guard and improvements in pedestrian safety. This video is a great reminder to stop at crosswalks when pedestrians are present. Let's all work together to keep our families safe! 

Finally, Hillsborough County is conducting a countywide survey in spring 2019 to assess resident satisfaction in key areas. Feedback from the anonymous questionnaire will assist county administration in determining priorities for the community and evaluating how Hillsborough County compares with other jurisdictions across the nation.  Click on Hillsborough County Citizen Survey to complete the survey.