PTA Updates

What is Crayola ColorCycle? Crayola is all about innovative solutions ~ in particular for kids and the environment.  ColorCycle is Crayola’s latest sustainability initiative designed to repurpose markers, highlighters and dry erase markers.

Can any markers be sent in or just Crayola brand markers? Crayola ColorCycle will accept all brands of plastic markers, not just Crayola markers.  That includes dry erase markers and highlighters!  ColorCycle will eliminate placing hundreds of tons of markers into landfills.

How do I help? You can begin to collect markers for drop off in your local school collection box. You can drop them off in the front office or your student can give them to our art teacher, Debonique Grigsby. You can collect used markers from home or anywhere in the community to donate. There is no cost to Girl Scouts or the school to ship the markers to Crayola. We will send one shipment in December and one in May to make sending the markers the most economical allowing for the most positive environmental impact.

How many markers can we send? The more markers you ship, the more efficient this program will be.  We can ship a minimum of 100 markers and a maximum of up to 40 pounds.

How can I find out more about ColorCycle and other Crayola environmental initiatives?  For more information about the ColorCycle program, visit   Visit our Green Initiatives page to read more about all of Crayola’s other environmental initiatives.