PTA Updates

We are very excited to share changes and new initiatives to keep our students safe and healthy at Grady Elementary this year. 
New Crossing Guard
Grady Elementary finally has a dedicated Crossing Guard! Janet is located at the crosswalk on Grady Ave and Morrison Ave and is present during both morning drop off and afternoon pickup.  
New Stop Signs on Morrison Ave
Over the weekend, 2 new stop signs were installed on Morrison Ave at the intersection with Grady Ave. That intersection is now a 3-way stop and all cars must come to a complete stop. 
Walk to School Wednesday
Grady Elementary's first Walk to School Wednesday will take place tomorrow, October 2nd from 7:00 am - 7:35 am. We will have one volunteer on site early to check in 5th grade Patrols who walk to school. Students participating in Walk to School Wednesday can wear their Tiger Trek spirit shirts tomorrow.
Walk to School Wednesday is a new PTA partnership with Sidewalk Stompers to improve pedestrian safety and increase the number of children walking to school. The first Wednesday of every month, students are encouraged to walk (or bike or scooter) to school. For more details, please click on Walk to School Wednesday Flyer
Walkers/bikers should check in with volunteers on the corner of Grady and Morrison Ave on their way into school. We are still looking for a couple more volunteers to check in our students. Please click on Walk To School Wednesday Volunteers to sign up. 
Pedestrian Safety Flags
We now have bright orange pedestrian safety flags by the Grady/Morrison Ave. crosswalks to provide visibility to pedestrians when there is no crossing guard in the intersection. In addition, having the bright colored flags at both ends of the crosswalk makes the crosswalk stand out more. 
Students should pick up an orange safety flag when they are ready to cross the road. They need to look both ways and insure that traffic has stopped. When it is safe to cross, they should hold the flag high, cross the street, and leave the flag in the bucket on the other side. 
New Tiger Crossing Signs
There are new Tiger Crossing yard signs in front of our school to remind drivers to slow down and watch out for children crossing. 
New Track on Campus 
PTA’s main fundraising goal is to build a track at Grady Elementary. The track is a 2 year project that will cost at least $70,000 as we will be purchasing a higher quality/safer track top. To view the 3D rendering, please click on Grady Track
If you have any questions about Walk to School Wednesday or any other health and safety initiatives, please email [email protected]