PTA Updates

The entire Grady PTA board, Grady administration, teachers and staff thank Grady's generous families for their kind contributions to Gift Card Raffle Day.  This day was part of our Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week.

Grady Families, you have overwhelmed us with your generosity!  Your gifts help us show Grady's teachers & staff just how important and special they are.  Thank you so much for all of your kind donations, and for your time volunteering at our school.  All of your work makes our school a more wonderful place.  Thank you to each family and person listed below for your gifts!

List, In No Particular Order, Of Gift Cards And Sponsors For Grady Teacher & Staff Appreciation Gift Card Raffle.  Thank You Very Much To Our Wonderful And Generous Sponsors!!!

3 Fancy Nails gift cards – Lan Doan & Justin Dinh

Beef O’ Brady’s gift card – The Wessel Family

Target gift card – Katie Singleton

2 iTunes gift card – Kendall Cowley

2 passes to Tampa History Museum – Kendall Cowley

Kahwa coffee gift card Emily Azevedo

Starbucks gift card – Emily Azevedo

Southwest Airlines gift card – Zeke & Cecelia de la Garza

4 Tickets to Tampa Bay History Center - Zeke & Cecelia de la Garza

2 American Express gift cards – unknown

2 Target gift cards – Andrew Jahr

2 Lakeshore Learning gift cards – unknown

Amazon gift card – the Zysk Family

2 Starbucks gift cards – unknown

Outback Steakhouse gift card – The Beoghers

2 Olive Garden gift cards – Tejas & Karina Kuiper

2  Big Ray’s Fish Camp gift cards – unknown

P.F. Chang’s gift card – The Roush Family

2 Starbucks gift cards – The Roush Family

2 Lakeshore Learning gift cards – The Agazzi Family

Nordstrom gift card – Maddon Pfalz

Trader Joe’s gift card – Madeline Price

Trader Joe’s gift card – Leo Price

Target gift card – Ouellette Family

Starbucks gift card – Ouellette Family

Target gift card – The Lyons Family

2 Kahwa gift cards and chocolate candy – Brooklyn & Vanessa Harvie

Visa gift card – unknown

Marshalls gift card – The Sierra Family

Bath & Bodyworks gift card – unknown

Cheesecake Factory gift card – unknown

Publix gift card – Brady Stemac

4 Starbucks gift cards  – House of Huckleberry

3 Amazon gift cards – House of Huckleberry

20 Starbucks gift cards – Clare Jackson & Family

3 Panera gift cards – Erin & Ian Dougill

Publix gift card –Rex & Reina Fields

Starbucks gift card – unknown

3 iTunes gift cards – Ana Sofia Gomez

Bass Pro Shop gift card – unknown

AMC Movies gift card – unknown

3 Starbucks gift cards – Tommy & Jack Fitzgerald

Lakeshore Learning gift card – OQuendo/Gomez Family

4 Starbucks gift cards – The Pattersons

2 Michael’s gift cards – The Pattersons

Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack gift card – The Belsers

Macy’s gift card – The Wilkinson Family

Outback gift card – Drue Hernandez & Family

Eats gift card – The Pelaez Family

Outback gift card – The Pelaez Family

3 Starbucks gift cards – The Pelaez Family

Chili’s gift card – The Gibbs Family

Darden Restaurants gift card – The Gibbs Family

Olive Garden gift card – The Gibbs Family

Panera gift card – Orlando De Carvalho Neto

2 Heavenly Nails Spa Pedicure gift cards - Schentrup Family