What is Tiger Trek?

Tiger Trek is Grady PTA's biggest Fall Fundraiser where proceeds directly benefit our school and students. The event encourages our students to collect donations that will greatly help our school.

This year we are partnering with Step It Up from POP to help enhance our Tiger Trek experience.  Our Tiger Trek goal is to raise money for the Grady Elementary PTA.


Tiger Trek’s How & When

From September 6th to September 19th we will be using the Step It Up platform to collect donations. On October 5th all students will participate in Step It Up’s Day of Awesomeness to celebrate our success.


The class with the highest donations by Friday, September 15th, will earn an extra 30 minutes of recess.

Donations continue until Friday, September 19th, with the Day of Awesomeness following on Thursday, October 5th.

There are more cool prizes for individual donations listed on the Step It Up Flyer.

Special Instructions for families with more than one child.

Parents can fill out one form for all children in their family - contacts count for all of the kids, while donations are split among the children. For example, a family with 3 children will only need to input 10 contacts total for all 3 of their kids to earn the golden ticket award, but if they receive a $75 donation, it would be split into $25 per child. 


If you have any questions regarding Tiger Trek please contact [email protected]

Flyers that will be sent home.