PTA Updates

Grady PTA wins COVID-19 Relief Grant!!

August 28, 2020 - September 30, 2020

Grady PTA was awarded a COVID-19 Relief Fund Grant sponsored by TikTok. 
This grant will be used to make sure every student at the school has the materials they need to complete assignments and Be able to continue with art and science projects without sharing resources. The grant focuses in 3 areas:
1) Basic supplies for students in need. We have created 35 bags with basic supplies.  
2) Art materials for art projects and for Reflections Art Competition. (A Black Fine point sharpie and a set of watercolors will be available for all K-5th Grady students, distribution for eLearners TBD).
3) Science Kits (We are working on finalizing lists of supplies by grade level, for b&m and eLearners).