PTA Updates

December 3rd will be Grady Elementary mandated health screenings. We will start at 8 am and end around 1pm.

We will be do vision screening for all Kindergarteners. We will also be doing vision, height, weight and body mass index (BMI) for all 1st graders and 3rd graders.

If your student fails our vision screening, a letter will be sent home with the information. If the vision screening is passed, you will not receive a letter. All students in 1st and 3rd grade will be printed a report of their height, weight and BMI—if normal or abnormal.

If your child is absent we will do their screening when they return to school.

If you need any further information please contact Beth Kenyon, RN at 813-272-3090 ext 226 or Nurse Rehmann in the Grady Clinic 813-872-5325.

We need volunteers to assist with our health screening for Kindergarten, 1st grade and 3rd Grade. We will need assistance with crowd control, keeping children quiet, keeping classes on time and adjusting classes early or late upon the class current situation. Please click on Student Health Screenings to sign up. Shifts are 1 hour long and start at 7:30 am. 



Grady Health Screening Schedule

3rd Neldner 8:05am-8:25am

3rd Doremus 8:25am-8:45am

3rd Newberry 8:45am-9:05am

KG Hero 9:05am-9:25am

KG Ordonez-Ward 9:25am-9:45am

3rd Oliva 9:50am-10:10am

KG Finitz 9:45am-10:05am

KG Dreby 10:05am-10:25am

1st Wolfe 10:25am-10:45am

1st DelCastillo 10:45am-11:05am  

1st Ward 1105am-1125am

1st Horne 12:15pm-12:35pm