March's Superhero Challenge



This year, there are 3 options to allow all of our Grady Tigers to participate in our weekly Walk to School/Wellness Wednesdays


1.    Walk, bike or scooter to school

2.    Walk around the neighborhood for 15-30 minutes.

3.    Complete the monthly "Superhero Challenge" posted above.


On Wednesdays, complete the online form HERE and select the activity completed.  At the end of each month, we will raffle off a few prizes to help students stay active at home. Students will get one entry to the raffle for each week that they participate.



Why Participate in Walk to School/Wellness Wednesday?


  • It’s healthy for your body and mind to get some exercise.
  • It’s fun! Enjoy some time getting to know your neighbors.
  • It’s safer walking in a group.
  • It reduces traffic congestion during drop off and pick up.
  • It helps our neighborhood ask for better sidewalks and crosswalks! Thanks to our partnership with Sidewalk Stompers, we were also able to get our bike racks replaced last year to accommodate more bike riders!
  • You can help your class win the Grand Prize Trophy for having the most walkers all year! All participants will be entered into a monthly raffle with goodies to stay active at home.




Grady Elementary’s “Walk to School/Wellness Wednesday” program is a Sidewalk Stompers partnership. Sidewalk Stompers is an award-winning effort to increase the number of children walking to school. To learn more about Sidewalk Stompers, visit or search for Sidewalk Stompers on Facebook. For questions about Walk to School/Wellness Wednesdays, please email [email protected].