Grade: 1st Grade ($3,172) 
Homeroom: Webber, Kathleen E ($1,416)
Student: tie 7765846 & 6628417 with $737
Grade: 5th Grade (1,858,866 steps)
Homeroom: Webber, Kathleen E (944,143 steps)

To enter your Tiger Trek steps: NOW CLOSED


Thank you to our 2020 Tiger Trek Sponsors!


Tiger Trek Registration

All students are automatically registered for Tiger Trek when: 

1. Brick & Mortar students - turn in your paper Tiger Trek T-shirt form that was sent home; or

2. eLearning students - send an email (inside canvas) to your child's home room teacher with your child's t-shirt sizes (short sleve and long sleeve)


What is Tiger Trek?

Tiger Trek is Grady PTA's biggest Fall Fundraiser where 100% of the proceeds directly benefit our school and students. The event promotes fitness and encourages our students to collect donations that go directly towards our school.

This year we will be doing things a little differently -- imagine that!! We will be raising money together as a school regardless of whether you are elearning or in-person.  Our Tiger Trek goal will be to create healthy habits and raise money for Grady Elementary. It will be a week-long event! Our first fund-raising goal is to raise $15,000. When we reach that goal, all students and staff will receive a short-sleeve Grady Tiger Trek t- shirt that can be worn on School Spirit Fridays. Our “reach” goal is to raise $30,000; and if/when we hit that goal, all students and staff will receive both a short-sleeve Grady Tiger Trek t- shirt and a long sleeve Tiger Trek t-shirt for those colder days in Jan/February. 

Please make sure you turn in your child’s size by Friday, Sept. 4th whether you are elearning or in-person. Elearning students can send their size information to their teacher.



Tiger Trek’s How & When

During the week of September 21st-25th all students (elearning and in person) will track their steps! All students will be given a pedometer courtesy of Grady’s Top Business Sponsor, Triage Consignment.  Elearning students will need to pick up their pedometer from the school front office. In person students will receive pedometers from their teachers. Students will have a goal of 5,000 (5k a day) steps in a day or 25,000 steps for the week. Pledge donations can be for every 5k a day or for a one-time amount.  Students will enter their steps each day using their student number on the website. Please use the honor system when entering the step counts.


Why participate in Tiger Trek?

100% of the proceeds go directly to our school and Grady's PTA goals for the school year! This year we are raising money for continued classroom technology projects that will benefit both our brick & mortar and eLearning students and other schoolwide improvement projects at Grady. 

Last year, we crushed our two-year goal of raising money for a track in just one year! WOW!! The track looks amazing and we expect its completion soon!



Are There Student or Class Prizes This Year?

This year the winners are geared towards participation and donations and a sense of tiger pride. Each grade level there will be one class winner for steps and one class winner for overall donations raised and winners will receive extra 30minutes of recess. School wide-the class with the most steps and the most donations across all the grade levels will get either a Grady commemorative bag OR a Grady stainless steel tumbler. Every individual student that raises over $300 will receive a free yearbook. 


How are Donations Collected?

• Complete online donations at: or scan the QR code (below) using your mobile device.

• Use your student's school student id number as his/her code to enter steps each day.

• Track your student’s donations at:

• All donation amounts are welcome!


How can parents help?

• Sponsor your child by making a one-time online donation or a pledge for each 5k a day  that they complete in the week.

• Encourage your kids to get out and exercise!

• Help them set a healthy daily step goal.

•Assist your child with obtaining donations from family members, friends, and neighbors.


Key Dates to Remember


Start Collecting Donations

Sept 1, 2020

Last day to turn in child’s t-shirt size

Sept 4, 2020

Last day to have your family or business sponsorship on the back of the shirt

Sept 11, 2020

** Tiger Trek Week

Sept 21-25, 2020

Last day of Tiger Trek

Sept 25, 2020