School Of Excellence Survey 21-22

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Survey Questions

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1. Our school has friendly signs and messages in multiple languages. *
2. Our school translates communications and provides interpreters as needed. *
3. Our school encourages families to volunteer. *
4. Our school shows respect to all families regardless of differences (e.g. age, gender, race, cultural background). *
5. Our school communicates with families in multiple ways (e.g. email, phone, website) *
6. Our school provides clear, two-way conversations about student progress or needs. *
7. Our school helps families understand how they can support their child's learning. *
8. Our school involves parents in planning for student transitions (e.g. middle school, high school, post-secondary careers). *
9. Our school uses technology to meet the needs of today's students. *
10. Our school includes students as active participants in discussions of expectations and work quality (e.g. parent teacher conferences). *
11. Our school explains the academic standards and how the curriculum is connected to those standards. *
12. Our school informs and encourages families to advocate for students at the school, local, state or national level. *
13. Our school listens to familiesâ?? concerns and demonstrates a genuine interest in developing solutions. *
14. Our school provides information on family rights and responsibilities under federal and state laws. *
15. Our school establishes policies that recognize and respect diversity (e.g. cultural, ethnic, religious, socioeconomic). *
16. Our school considers families to be equal partners in decision making (e.g. policy, curricula, budget, safety, personnel). *
17. Our school provides families with information on our school improvement plan. *
18. Our school distributes information on community resources that serve the needs of families within the community. *
19. Our school has partnerships with local businesses, community organizations and service groups to advance student learning, or assist the school or families. *
20. Our school is a central part of the community. *