This year, Grady students will have the opportunity to participate in the PTA Reflections VISUAL ARTS Contest! This year's theme is "I will change the world by......." 
There will be two divisions that will be judged by a former art teacher and this will determine who wins on the school level and will proceed to go to the city competition. The divisions are K-2 and 3-5.
The students may work in groups or with siblings as long as they are in the SAME DIVISION and they must create a VISUAL ARTS project. Mrs. Grigsby, the art teacher, will be discussing details and examples with students in class, however, this is an at-home project. 
Registration forms and paper will be provided at school and other materials can be borrowed if necessary. It is important that they use the paper provided due to size requirements and specifications. Students may use any type of art materials on this, but it must remain flat and two-dimensional. If you have questions about supplies, please email Mrs. Grigsby. More details about the contest can be found at the link below.