Book Fair Basics

On-site: March 5th thru March 12th

Online Fair: dates Feb 26th thru March 22nd

We are excited to announce that we are a having a Book Fair! Due to District protocols changes have been implemented to insure the health and safety of the Grady Community.

  • We are trying to keep cash to a minimum. We will accept checks to Grady Elementary, credit cards, and the scholastic EWallet.  You can make multiple deposits to EWallet to keep better control. You may also have friends and relatives contribute but make sure they do so early in the week so that your child has ample opportunity to shop the fair. Please try your best to spend the balance before the Book Fair ends so that the school benefits fully.  Keep in mind that moneys not spent during the fair dates (including online fair option) will roll into a Scholastic Store credit. EWallets from last bookfair can not be spent at this fair.
  • Book Fair will be located in the media center. We are taking steps to minimize Covid transmission risks, such as limiting traffic and requiring the use of hand sanitizer before entering fair.
  • At this time parents are not able to attend. For younger students we advise selecting items from the flyer and sending a note along with payment (don’t forget sales tax!) to your child’s teacher.
  • Teachers are being encouraged to set up an EWallet to use in lieu of wish lists. They will share their info so that parents can contribute to the classroom if desired.
  • Please visit the following links for more info:


If you have any questions please call Mr Tsourakis @813-872-5325.