Hi Parents, 

After a two year wait we are now back open for our 2022 Grady Elementary Summer Art Camp
Series. We are so excited to be back and looking forward to having a ton of fun with our art
campers. Schools are finally back open to host summer camps.


Our themed art camps focus on the exploration of art material through hands-on guided learning,
interactive art play and skill development. Our summer art camps are a place where children feel
comfortable expressing their creativity while meeting like-minded kids. Campers grow in
extraordinary ways that help them lead happy, meaningful and productive lives because they
receive a lot of personal attention from our exceptional staff. This includes improving social
skills, learning to make decisions, becoming more resilient, and gaining other character-building


Camp Location: Grady Elementary, 3910 W Morrison Ave, Tampa, FL 33629
Visit our camp website: www.kidartcamp.com to get camp dates and information.

Debonique Grigsby
School Art Camp