April 19th through April 23rd

Please help Grady Elementary celebrate Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week. As such, we need your help to make this a successful event by bringing the following items the week of April 19th through April 23rd
Please bring your child’s teacher's favorite snacks and drinks. These can be boxes of individually wrapped cereal bars, cookies, chips, crackers, trail mixes, water bottles, sodas, Snapple, La Croix etc. This will be placed in the teacher’s lounge for all teachers and staff. CLICK HERE to sign up for a specific snack.
On April 30th we also ask you to please encourage your child to write cards, poems, virtual awards, create artwork, and video messages to celebrate their teachers and favorite staff members. Get Creative! Express your gratitude!
On this day, also bring in teacher supplies or a gift card to recognize their hard work.
To view the teachers and staff favorite snacks and supplies, please CLICK HERE for teachers listed by grade and CLICK HERE for Administration.
Please drop off individually wrapped snacks and drinks in the front office, so they can be provided to teachers and staff on April 26th. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

SNACK SIGN UP (Click Here)