Fall Festival 2020 B

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Please use the name of your oldest student. Only one student's name is needed, we will be tracking the order for "will call/ pick up" purposes under the student's name.
If your child/children are attending virtual School or not attending Grady, you may enter "Virtual" for the teacher name.


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includes Virtual Art Class for 1 student, 1 Pumpkin Patch sign, 1 Boo'ed sign, 1 Boo'ed cup, 1 Small Rock Kit
Each kit includes 1 Pumpkin Patch sign, 1 Boo'ed sign and 1 Boo'ed cup
includes 1 large rock (blank or with design), 3 paints and 1 paint brush
includes 1 small rock (blank or with design), 3 Paints and 1 Paint Brush


Pick-up for eLearners will be on Saturday, October 17th 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM.

All items will be available for purchase at pick-up too! 

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